【通販激安】 / Series] Anniversary 25th [Taschen Com Giger HR WWW / 洋書(ORIGINAL) H. Giger R.-ART & ENTERTAINMENT

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【通販激安】 / Series] Anniversary 25th [Taschen Com Giger HR WWW / 洋書(ORIGINAL) H. Giger R.-ART & ENTERTAINMENT

HR Giger first received acclaim in the 1960s with his airbrushed fantasy landscapes. However, he scored his breakthrough in applied art, and particularly in his high-profile movie work on Ridley Scott's "Alien". In 1980, he received an Oscar for "Best Achievement for Visual Effects" for his designs of the film's title creature and its otherworldly environment. His other celebrated film projects include "Poltergeist II", "Alien 3" and "Species", for which he designed a deadly but beautiful half-extraterrestrial female creature and a fantastic nightmare train. Giger's album covers for Debbie Harry and Emerson, Lake and Palmer were voted as being among the top hundred in music history by music journalists, while furniture designed by Giger graces a bar in Chur, Switzerland. This book was designed by the artist himself, and features detailed commentaries in which Giger describes his work from the early 1960s to the late 1990s; the authentic voice of the master.

■ 発売日 : 2007/4/6
■ 言語 : 英語
■ JANコード : 9783822833162
■ 出版社 : Taschen America Llc; Taschen 25th anniversary ed版
■ ページ : 240ページ
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