Your Local 638

Teamsters Local 638 represents more than 5,500 workers and their families throughout Minnesota and North Dakota through offices in Minneapolis, MN and Bismarck, ND. Since 1946, Teamsters 638 has worked diligently for members and their families to improve middle income lives.

Historically, Teamsters unions have been associated with drivers and warehouse workers and that is no different than our working members in Local 638.

However, now our union’s 1.4 million members in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico include workers in every imaginable occupation across North America. Across America, Teamsters are public defenders, airline pilots, vegetable workers, sanitation workers, drivers, newspaper workers, construction workers, bakery workers, and even zookeepers! Local 638 represents UPS employees in addition to Public Bus & School Bus Drivers/Para’s, Paper Companies, Sports Arenas, Nursing Home/Elder Care, Newspaper & Floral including many North Dakota companies.

Not only do members enjoy traditional benefits associated with unions, but our members support each other in a variety of ways. From transporting students to school to delivering small packages or groceries to many locations, to supporting charities and volunteering, the Local 638 members believe in helping their fellow members and members’ families.

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