Benefits & Services

Benefits & Services

Local 638 Teamsters benefit not only from great contracts, but also from a rich variety of services and other opportunities. They’re part of the advantage of belonging to North America’s Most Powerful Labor Union. Use this support to benefit you and your family.

Health & Welfare Fund

If your contract includes participation in Local 638’s Health & Welfare Fund, click here for the latest updates.

You can also contact Teamsters Local 638 H&W Fund at:
Wilson McShane Corp
3001 Metro Drive Ste 500
Bloomington MN 55425
952-854-0795 or Toll Free: 800-535-6373

Experienced counselors and planners help Teamsters and their families with career training, dislocated worker services, financial planning, issues surrounding substance abuse, or any other personal or work-related issue. The Bureau encourages you to call to this Confidential – Welcoming – Safe – Non-Judgmental service.

Teamsters Credit Union

The Teamsters Credit Union offers a full range of services. From loans, checking accounts, savings accounts and on-line services, the MN Teamsters CU supports and is only available to Teamsters members and their families.

Teamsters Food Shelf

If you and your family are going through a hardship and need some extra assistance from your Teamsters family, contact us. We are “Teamsters helping Teamsters” in your time of need.


There are multiple scholarship opportunities available for the families of Teamster members. Click here to find out more about existing scholarships and how to apply.

Teamsters Service Bureau

Unexpected bumps in the road can get in the way of leading a productive life. The Teamsters Service Bureau is an independent non-profit human service agency, serving Teamster members and their families, as well as dislocated workers. We provide free and confidential assistance when and where you need it. Call 612.676.3700 (800-979-9725 for statewide and after hours) for information about free services to support you in areas such as: relationships, family, eldercare, financial and legals services, or to go our website at

Union Plus

Money-saving Union Plus benefits for union members, Credit, Insurance, AT&T, College & Retirement Planning.

Central States Pension

Because our members work under different contracts in a broad range of industries, not all Local 638 members are on the same pension plan.

Contact your shop steward or business agent to find out more.
For more information, call the Local office at: 612-379-1533 or 1-800-247-7757